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Fortis Engineering and Manufacturing Division Designs Custom Hydraulic Power Cable Reel Trailer

Fortis is well known for designing wire rope and electrical cable reel winders, reel trailers and mobile reel handlers for the mining and construction industries in Saskatchewan. So it was no surprise when a local potash mine tasked Fortis to design a custom Hydraulic Reel Trailer for transporting electrical cable underground. The reel trailer needed to be used in conjunction with the mines current CWS hexagonal cable cores and Toyota Land Cruiser personnel carriers. The mine specifically required a self-propelled hydraulic unit to reel large electrical cable and have the ability to lower the reel to allow for "free" wheeling while the gears would be disengaged. 

This particular Fortis engineered Power Cable Reel Trailer needed to meet the following specifications :

1. Lift a fully loaded cable core. 

2. Reel in 1000ft of cable while trailer remains stationary

3. Safely free wheel cable out while driving

4. Transport fully loaded cable cores

5. Have a self-contained power system to complete the required motions

6. Meet the mines required trailer specs

7. Incorporate a dual axle design

8. Fit within the mines cage dimensions for lowering into the mine

See the below 3D visual renderings of the custom Hydraulic Reel Trailer

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What does CWB certification mean?

Fortis Corporation is proud to be a part of CWB, the Canadian Welding Bureau. They are an industry-supported private sector organization providing welding certification, management systems registration, and training services to over 7600 companies in 48 countries. The CWB was formed over 70 years ago to administer Canada‚Äôs national welding standards, which are in the national building code as well as other industry-specific documents. While companies operating in the structural and erecting industries are required to be CWB certified, other companies can seek credentials as the CWB is the only nationally recognized credential. 


Unlike some other qualifications in the field, being CWB certified ensures any work done is to the highest standard possible. To hold this certification the individual must conform to specific testing and procedures that are monitored on an ongoing basis. This means that all elements of our operation are independently verified by the Canadian Welding Bureau regularly. Fortis goes above and beyond to maintain this standard so we know the work being done in our shop is of top quality and has the certification behind it. 

Fortis is certified in steel and stainless steel as well as having level 1 weld inspectors on site. Our team of welders and fabricators can take on any job from small D-plates to full mine refurbishment jobs. For more information on past projects check out: or contact us at

For more information on CWB certification see here:

Custom Mine Shaft Skip Dolly Fabricated by Fortis

Fortis was recently contracted to manufactured a Mine Shaft Skip Dolly for Nutrien Allan. The skip is rested on the dolly and then is picked up at the other end using a loader to help with easy maneuvering when loading. 

This Skip Dolly is site specific, but Fortis is able to manufacture and modify them for additional sites and uses.