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SaskPower Nipawin Safety Boom Replacement

Fortis recently completed a project at the SaskPower Hydroelectric Station in Nipawin, replacing the old seasonal buoys with a new permanent boom system. The new ODINFloat pontoons made by Worthington Products Inc. have a swivel-free, pipe-through design that allows for the use of high-strength alloy chain to be extended through the center of each boom. This allows the pontoons to rotate freely while maintaining exceptional durabilityThe pontoons and two 58-inch Spherical Warning Buoys that are attached to each segment are federal standard yellow (FS13655) making the system much more visible especially in circumstances of low visibility.



The boom acts as a physical barrier for the dangerous flow areas around the Hydroelectric Station powerhouse intake and Spillway. With its strength, it can help unpowered or distressed watercraft/persons from reaching danger. However, it is not the intent of the boom to restrain large watercrafts such as tugboats or to restrain any watercraft with the intent to damage.