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Fortis Mining Engineering and Manufacturing Engineers & Fabricates a Unique Reel Winder Trailer

Fortis Mining Engineering and Manufacturing recently completed a job that required both engineering, manufacturing, and fabrication services. Searching for an efficient and safer alternative to transport reels,  Fortis Mining Engineering and Manufacturing was tasked with creating a Reel Winder Trailer to fit specific client needs. 

There are many unique specifications that the client required Fortis Mining Engineering and Manufacturing to adhere to to ensure the success of the Reel Winder Trailer.

The location that the reels were to be moved is very narrow. Therefore, the Reel Winder Trailer had to be engineered to move through this space, while still allowing for the pick up of different sizes of reels from diameter to width. 

The engineered Reel Winder Trailer is narrow and capable of picking up various sizes of reels up to a maximum capacity of 21 tons using hydraulic auxiliary outlets. 

Wire rope, plastic, pipe, and numerous other products that come on a reel can be transported using the Reel Winder Trailer. Fortis Mining Engineering and Manufacturing was able to successfully meet the client's specific and unique needs in order to provide a superior solution for reel transport.

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Lifting Lug & Monorail Material Handling Solution

Fortis Mining, Engineering & Manufacturing was recently contracted by SaskPower to complete a comprehensive Lifting Lug & Monorail Remediation project at the Shand Power Station. The project consisted of multiple components including: 1) inspecting, load testing and certifying existing lifting lugs and monorails within the plant to bring them to current client and occupational health and safety standards; 2) adding or modifying supporting structural steel to existing lifting lugs and monorails followed by the load testing and certification of the device; and 3) Installation of new lifting devices and monorails including all supporting structural steel installations, load testing and certifying of the new lifting devices.  The total project consisted of 244 items including 219 Lifting Lugs and 25 Monorails. This included 18 New Lifting Lug Installations, the inspection and testing of 184 existing lugs, the installation of 9 new monorails, and the inspection, testing, and painting of 15 existing monorails.

As part of the project execution, Fortis was responsible for completing all structural detailing, providing certified shop and erection drawings, fabrication of all structural steel, installation of all structural steel and lifting devices, load testing of all components, and generating test reports and turnover documentation for the client. Fortis also designed and fabricated custom sized weld and bolt-on lifting lugs in-house for the project to suit applicable site standards and colour coding.

                To ensure quality of products provided an Inspection Test Plan was developed to ensure compliance to applicable standards and specifications. Fortis also developed a comprehensive digital and physical turnover package including all relevant company and personnel certifications, project registers, executed ITP and check sheets, as-built/redline drawings, procedures and manuals, and all other quality documentation compiled.

                Fortis Mining Engineering and Manufacturing has achieved and maintained ISO 9001 Quality Management, 14001 Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety Management Certifications.