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Need Expert Mine Procedure Development?

Fortis is renowned world wide as an expert in mine hoist roping and conveyances. you can expect Fortis to offer every service, including procedure development and consulting.

Mine procedure development for:

  • Mine Hoist Conveyance Replacement
  • Mine Hoist Rope Change and Rope-Up
  • Preventative Maintenance Planning
  • Engineered Lift Plan Development

Fortis excels at shaft rope-up procedure development. Fortis recently created a rope up procedure for a competitive bid and execution for a client. The procedure included: Equipment selection, rope up methodology, safe work procedures, preliminary schedule, budgetary cost estimate, and pre-work / commissioning requirements were all included in the procedure.

Fortis recently created a Guide Rope Replacement procedure for a client overseas. We traveled to site, completed an assessment and a walk-through, and developed a detailed guide rope replacement procedure. The procedure included equipment requirements, procedure steps, sequence sketches, and safe work procedures.

We work with companies all over the world on mining procedures. If you would like further information about our services please contact us.

Phone: (306) 242-4427

Fortis Fabricates Torpedo Counterweights for International Customer

Fortis was contracted by Kibali Gold in the Democratic Republic of Congo to perform consulting and procedure work. The consultation resulted in a order to Northern Strands, Fortis' sister company, for a torpedo Counterweight. Fortis manufactured the torpedo for Northern Strands to sell to Kibali Gold. The purpose of the torpedo is to increase safety and the efficiency of the client's operations. 

The Torpedo Counterweight is used as a rope end attachment, adding weight to end of a hoist or reeving rope. This helps to keep rolling back over a sheave in the headframe (or otherwise) if the rope weight from the hoist to the sheave exceeds the rope weight from the sheave down to the highest point you will need to hoist the rope end. 

The Torpedo Counterweight is an engineered in-line counterweight that adds a lot of functionality and mitigates risks involved while doing rope work. The unit was pull tested (proof loaded) at 50,000 pounds, which is 2.5 times the working load limit. This test was completed in Fortis' horizontal test bed. The unit was then visually and non-destructively (mag-particle) tested following the proof loading. 
Shipped in an International shipping container, the Torpedo Counterweight along with additional rigging products then left the Saskatoon Warehouse and travelled to Kibali Gold in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 
If your business needs consulting, procedure development, and manufacturing work completed, please contact us! 

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COVID-19 Press Release

We, as a country, are in an unprecedented health crisis that is affecting all business. Fortis Mining Engineering & Manufacturing serves a variety of critical and essential industries from mining, construction, energy sectors and more. We take this responsibility very seriously. For this reason, we will continue to serve our clients and these critical industries in an effort to support the local, national and international infrastructure and economy.

Because of these important reasons, Fortis is CURRENTLY OPERATING and OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

However, in the interest of employee and customer safety, we have locked our doors to public access. Our sales team will be accepting orders via email and phone. Incoming and outgoing shipments will be received by our shipping support staff via our shipping bay entrance.

Call 306-242-4427 when you arrive at the shipping doors to receive your package. We will then leave the package outside or load the shipment for you. This being said, our operating situation could change very quickly.

Using various marketing tools and technologies, we will keep our clients informed by sending emails, posting messages on our website, using digital ads, and other various social media platforms. In addition, we are utilizing a simple means of video/digital communication with our customers and clients for meetings, webinars, screen sharing, etc.

We have the health and welfare of our employees and their families, our customers and vendors as our top priority and main concern. We will continue to follow municipal, provincial and federal announcements regarding COVID-19. To support our employees in this difficult time, we have implemented a number of measures internally. We have followed suggested government health measures: restriction of business travel, social distancing, enhanced sanitation, limiting face to face interaction, minimizing paper document exchanges, staggered work times, and asking employees that feel ill to stay home. We continue to investigate alternative options that will allow us to reduce person to person contact in the workplace while continuing to maintain operations. We will do everything possible to keep everyone safe, to “flatten the curve” and to reduce strain on our healthcare system.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss an order, project or need for your business.

Please call us at 306-242-4427 or visit our contact us page for a specific list of emails and phone numbers for each division, including emergency contact info.

We hope that everyone in your family and business stays safe and healthy in these trying times.

Garry Clarke
Northern Strands Group of Companies

Custom Mine Shaft Skip Dolly Fabricated by Fortis

Fortis was recently contracted to manufactured a Mine Shaft Skip Dolly for Nutrien Allan. The skip is rested on the dolly and then is picked up at the other end using a loader to help with easy maneuvering when loading. 

This Skip Dolly is site specific, but Fortis is able to manufacture and modify them for additional sites and uses.