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Fortis Works with Prairie Crane, Northern Strands, & ATS Traffic to Perform Swing Stage Replacement in Regina

During the first month of 2019, Fortis partnered with sister company Northern Strands in Regina at the SaskTel headquarters to complete a Swing Stage replacement on the approximate 200' rooftop. 

A 275T crane was supplied by Prairie Crane and a major road closure, just over half of Saskatchewan Drive, was setup by ATS Traffic. The crane spanned just over a one block radius. 

We would like to thank Prairie Crane and ATS Traffic for helping facilitate completing this job as effectively and as safe as possible. 
Fortis Mining Engineering and Manufacturing is a privately owned company based out of Saskatoon, SK. that provides mining, engineering and manufacturing services to the mining and construction industries. The company has a global focus that offers contracting, subcontracting and consulting services to a wide range of customers. Fortis is comprised of 6 divisions; Mining, Engineering, Manufacturing & Fabrication, Health & Safety, Equipment Testing & Recertification and Mechanical Services. 

    Northern Strands offers the largest rental fleet of suspended access equipment in Saskatchewan. Northern Strands Suspended Access Division rents and sells swing stages, specialized work platforms, lifting systems and material handling solutions. We offer standard swing stage configurations along with specialized platforms and lifting systems.
    For more information about these capabilities, please click the following links:

    Fortis Continues To Develop Engineered Lift Plans For The Mining Industry

    Fortis Mining Engineering and Manufacturing has an abundance of experience in providing lift studies and engineered lift plans for the Potash Mines of Saskatchewan with recent experience including development of lowering procedures with Blair Hoists and Sinking Winches

    Fortis has also developed a test lifting criteria for components which confirms that each piece of equipment hangs as per design within the individual shaft parameters which virtually eliminates rigging issues during shaft lowering

    Fortis rigging plans utilize our underground experience to maximize the capabilities of the shaft profile and hoist lifting capabilities

    Reduction in disassembly of equipment to get underground has saved client time and money. 

    Comprehensive lowering methodologies typically include a site specific material hoisting basket design that is compatible with the sinking arrangement if a cage is not available. This allows 'light loads' on pallets, bundles, or crates to be safely transported underground with speed and consistency.

    Fortis is an industry leader in the development of critical lift plans for the mining and construction industries.

    Contact Fortis Mining Engineering and Manufacturing for more information:
    Phone: (306) 242-4427
    Toll Free: (844) 542-2247

    Bail and Pod Sandblasted, Painted and Refurbished for PCS Cory

    Fortis Mining, Engineering, and Manufacturing has the full capabilities to refurbish old equipment, trucks, trailers, steel and concrete. Recently Fortis refurbished bail and pods for PCS Cory. This included sand blasting and painting, replacing some structural steel, and machining new parts. This was all accomplished within 10 days.

    Sandblasting Capabilities:
    - Mine Structural Steel, Product Bins, Concrete Refinishing
    - Industrial Equipment
    - Farm Equipment
    - Truck Frame and Trailer Refurbishing
    - Steel Preparation, Acid Etching, Abrasive Blasting
    - Mobile Sandblasting and Painting

    - Plus much more
    View our Sandblasting Services Brochure for more details

    Machining Capabilities:
    - Machining Steel, Iron, Brass, Bronze, Stainless, Plastics, Aluminum
    - Lathes
    - Vertical Machining Centers
    - CNC Band Saw

    View all our Machining Capabilities at

    Contact Fortis Mining, Engineering, and Manufacturing to inquire about our fabrication, machining, welding, painting and sandblasting services.

    Phone: (306) 242-4427
    Toll Free: (844) 542-2247

    Fortis Mining, Engineering, and Manufacturing is proudly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan owned and operated.


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