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Fortis completes Mine Shaft rope up at one of the most advanced Underground Research Facilities in the World

Recently Fortis sent a crew of Rope Technicians specializing in mineshaft rope up's to the Sanford Underground Research Facility in South Dakota. S.U.R.F is an advanced underground research facility performing cutting edge experiments for decades. The S.U.R.F. website describes the facility in the following way, "The Sanford Underground Research Facility supports world-leading research in particle and nuclear physics and other science disciplines. While still a gold mine, the facility hosted Ray Davis's solar neutrino experiment, which shared the 2002 Nobel Prize in Physics. His work is a model for other experiments looking to understand the nature of the universe.

The Facility's depth, rock stability and history make it ideal for sensitive experiments that need to escape cosmic rays. The impacts on science can be seen worldwide."

Fortis was contracted by S.U.R.F. to replace the cage and hoist rope in the Ross Shaft. This particular Mine Shaft's role will be to support excavation and construction of the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility (LBNF). The first experiment the facility will participate in will be of the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE). The world's most advanced neutrino experiment. 

Fortis worked with the SURF crews to replace 12,200 feet of 1 5/8-inch diameter hoist ropes. We also supplied any specialized rope changing equipment, like the sheave stand shown in the picture below. The previous hoist ropes were remnants of days past, when the facility was the Homestake Gold Mine. The wire rope and been cut and tested so many times that the rope could no longer reach the bottom of the shaft. With the new ropes now installed work has begun on excavating the 800,000,000 tons of rock to create the space needed to begin construction on the LBNF facility.

To learn more about the SURF and the Ross Shaft Rope up visit the SURF news and events

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Fortis Installs New Water Safety Boom for E.B. Campbell Dam

Fortis was contracted by SaskPower for the removal of an existing safety boom and the supply and installation of a new water safety boom system for E.B. Campbell Dam. As General Contractor, Fortis constructed a laydown area along the South shore of the spillway and set sail to a month-long project alongside several subcontractors. Early milestone tasks consisted of placing large, floating barge sections into the water and building an access platform for a 55T RT Crane to be positioned onto the H-Barge.

The new safety boom system consisted of 20,000 lb. 5’x5’ concrete anchor blocks placed underwater via the 55T RT Crane atop the floating barges and a diving crew for safe handling/lowering and rigging.  These concrete anchors were the foundation for the 24” diameter x 20’ & 40’ steel pipe pontoons (painted to spec and filled with EPS Foam for floatation) positioned and anchored across the water from South shore to North shore, near the E.B. Campbell Spillway.  A 24” x 30’ vertical steel pile was driven into the ground along the North dam and utilized as tie-off/anchorage for the steel safety pontoons. 

Project Subcontractors:

- Dominion Diving (Diving Crew; Barge sections and Water Vessel Supply) 

- Prairie Crane (Operator w/ 100T and 55T RT Cranes for project)

- Saskatchewan River Business Corporation (Local labourer assistance)

- Gary Taylor Trenching (Excavating and earthworks)

- Dart Services (Vertical Pile supply and installation)

Major Suppliers:

- Fortis Mfg. (Steel pontoons and floats fabrication/supply)

- Northern Strands (All permanent chain, wire rope and rigging materials)

- Pre-Con (concrete anchor blocks)

Link to youtube slide show