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Trailer Transformed From Old to New by Fortis Sandblasting and Painting Division

The sandblasting and painting team at Fortis Mining, Engineering, and Manufacturing do an amazing job restoring a rusted trailer under a tight schedule. From old to new in no time!

This trailer came in extremely rusty. It was then sandblasted to an SP-6 to clean any rust and paint off the surface. The trailer was blown down and prepped for paint.

The trailer was then sprayed with 3 mils of 2-part epoxy primer and left to cure for the full 24 hour cure time of the primer. Next the trailer went down the street to Polartech Sprayfoam to be bedlined at an average thickness of 40 mils. The complete refurbishment of the trailer was a 2 day process to limit the customers down time without the trailer.

Fortis Mining, Engineering, and Manufacturing has the full capabilities to refurbish(sandblast and paint) old equipment, trucks, trailers, steel, and concrete.

Sandblasting Capabilities:
- Mine Structural Steel, Product Bins, Concrete Refinishing
- Industrial Equipment
- Farm Equipment
- Truck Frame and Trailer Refurbishing
- Steel Preparation, Acid Etching, Abrasive Blasting
- Mobile Sandblasting and Painting

- Plus Much More
View our Sandblasting Services Brochure for more details

Contact Fortis Mining, Engineering, and Manufacturing to inquire about our fabrication, machining, welding, painting, and sandblasting services.

Phone: (306) 242-4427
Toll Free: (844) 542-2247

Fortis Mining, Engineering, and Manufacturing is proudly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan owned and operated.


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