Environmental Commitment
In 2013, Fortis achieved 14001 Environmental Certification through ISO. The environmental policies are in place across the Group of Companies and are a key component in the work that we do. We take care to ensure that we are identifying and mitigating any potential environmental hazards in our shops and at job sites. We adhere to the highest standard of environmental safety at all times.

At Fortis we are committed to a proactive approach towards environmental protection and stewardship. Our identity as a forward-looking, progressive company also embraces the area of environmental management and protection, in which we always strive to harmonize economic and ecological priorities. In our efforts to continually improve our environmental performance we go beyond the legal requirements and commit to avoid and reduce environmental harm and risks, and place the concept of sustainability at the focal point of our activities. We also foster a sense of environmental responsibility among our employees and support a commitment to environmental protection in everyday operations.

Environmental Policy

Fortis (the Organization) is committed to reducing the impact of its activities on the environment and assisting our customers by encouraging them to use sustainable resources. To this end the Organization has implemented an Environmental Management System to continuously improve its environmental performance. In order to meet this commitment the Organization's mandate is:

  • To pursue continuous improvement in environmental performance, by setting objectives and targets for consumption of natural resources and by increasing reuse and recycling and improving the waste management methods.
  • To ensure compliance with all applicable environmental legislation and regulations;
  • To reduce consumption of natural resources;
  • To assist in the management of ecology by prevention of pollution;
  • To continuously assess its environmental performance;
  • To assist in the investigation of environmental incidents in which it is involved;
  • To make its environmental information available to all employees, personnel working on behalf of Fortis and other interested parties;
  • To comply with customer requirements for Environment Safety.

Fortis continues to raise levels of environmental awareness throughout its workforce; and to promote this awareness to its customers and suppliers. The Organization is committed to operating its Environmental Management System in a manner that attains and sustains compliance to the International Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001.

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