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Fortis Fabricates Torpedo Counterweights for International Customer

Fortis was contracted by Kibali Gold in the Democratic Republic of Congo to perform consulting and procedure work. The consultation resulted in a order to Northern Strands, Fortis' sister company, for a torpedo Counterweight. Fortis manufactured the torpedo for Northern Strands to sell to Kibali Gold. The purpose of the torpedo is to increase safety and the efficiency of the client's operations. 

The Torpedo Counterweight is used as a rope end attachment, adding weight to end of a hoist or reeving rope. This helps to keep rolling back over a sheave in the headframe (or otherwise) if the rope weight from the hoist to the sheave exceeds the rope weight from the sheave down to the highest point you will need to hoist the rope end. 

The Torpedo Counterweight is an engineered in-line counterweight that adds a lot of functionality and mitigates risks involved while doing rope work. The unit was pull tested (proof loaded) at 50,000 pounds, which is 2.5 times the working load limit. This test was completed in Fortis' horizontal test bed. The unit was then visually and non-destructively (mag-particle) tested following the proof loading. 
Shipped in an International shipping container, the Torpedo Counterweight along with additional rigging products then left the Saskatoon Warehouse and travelled to Kibali Gold in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 
If your business needs consulting, procedure development, and manufacturing work completed, please contact us! 

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