Sandblasting Services
Sandblasting Services
Sandblasting Services
Fortis Sandblasting is an industrial sandblasting and painting service, specializing in the mining, construction and agricultural industries. We have some of the most efficient and cost saving sandblasting equipment in the industry. Our State of the art mobile blast unit will offer customers a cost effective solution for mobile metal prep. With the biggest blast pot in the industry, we can drive the truck into remote areas due to the high chassis design of the truck. With 16000lbs of material in a single fill there is virtually no need to refill on even the biggest of jobs. Using a gravity fed blast pot, less material will be used and with less parts there is less down time, saving the customer time and money.


  • Mine Structural steel, product bins, concrete refinishing, and much more
  • Rubber coating for containment berms
  • Plural component tank linings
  • Epoxies and urethanes
  • Abrasion resistant tile linings
  • Industrial equipment
  • Tractor Trailer frame and box refinishing
  • Farm equipment blast and paint (cultivators, tractor frames, implement rims and frames, grain bins)
  • Oil field and pump station maintenance
  • Water treatment plants
  • General Construction painting services
  • Internal/ external tank abrasive blasting
  • Steel preparation, acid etching, abrasive blasting and power tool prep
  • Truck Frame and trailer refurbishing
  • Mobile sandblasting and painting
  • Equipment refurbishing

Superior Value:

  • Safe efficient work procedures
  • Biggest blast pot in industry = More up time
  • Superior equipment to competitors = More up time

Quality Control:

  • ISO 9001 & 14001 and OHSAS 45001
  • NACE certified application to ensure standards are followed on every job

Steve Cooper
Sandblasting Supervisor
Phone: (306) 242-7073
Cell: (306) 491-8874

Contact Information

  • 802 - 57th Street East
  • Saskatoon, SK S7K 5Z1
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